Make Light of Your Heavy Cleaning

The FreshEra™ with AllerGuard™ Filtration is the first lightweight upright vacuum with the cleaning power and performance to carry on our heritage as America's First Family of vacuums. Packed with suction power, loaded with features, the FreshEra™ turns heavy cleaning into light work - as a convenient, finger-light an upstairs a vacation an RV...wherever you need thorough, reliable results.

Lightweight - The FreshEra™, a featherweight vacuum with a heavyweight motor, turns heavy cleaning into light work!

Filtration - FreshEra delivers HEPA-Standard cleaning through its unique AllerGuard Filtration system - a Healthy Home innovation that uses five layers to remove microscopic pollutants and particles such as pollen, dander, and dust mites.

Powerful Commercial-Duty Motor - The heart of FreshEra's superior cleaning is a durable, efficient motor proven to dramatically outperform the suction and pull of equal- or higher-priced lightweight uprights. It is capable of creating an air velocity of 133 mph - the wind speed equal to a Category 4 hurricane - and enables the FreshEra to achieve 1.6 million fiber contacts per second!

Ease of Use with L-Shaped Design - The unique, L-shape provides 4-sided cleaning around table and chair legs. Also equipped with a headlight to see under beds, furniture and around dark corners.

Efficient - An improved roller-brush and edge-cleaning bristles ensure debris in tight spaces is removed and a 2-speed switch controls suction for normal cleaning or more delicate jobs such as rugs and wood floors.

Ease of Use - The brushroll height automatically adjusts between different floor surfaces.

Convenient - The FreshEra™ features quick and easy bag replacement with larger capacity bags than previous models.

Ergonomic, Finger-Light Design - Every detail is designed to turn heavy cleaning into light work with the FreshEra, including its easy-to-use handle and controls.

No Worries - Features a long life motor and 5-year limited warranty to protect your investment.

$300.00 - $500.00

Electrolux Upright Vacuum Cleaners

Traditional Electrolux Uprights

They have been producing this upright since 1982 and it still impresses me. The way the body is designed is a great and powerful feature compared to any others. Great suction and has all the attachments of the canister. The difference between the other makes is that this machine has a separate compartment which carries the dirt right into the bag rather than going through the motor first. The bottom head has a motor with a geared belt for no slippage and the upper body has a motor for the suction. The machine has a selector switch for the carpet or the floor. Both motors are for the carpets, then switch to floor and it knocks off the spinning brush but still is sucking. It has an attachment hole for the hose if you want to use the attachments.

$300.00 - $500.00

Newer Electrolux Upright

This is a newer style machine with the attachments connected right to the body. It carries the tools for quick use. It's a bit heavier, but some find it convenient for doing the floors, carpets and having the tools right there if needed. Still the same design as the others. Has a larger motor also for a bit more suction. The handle was also designed better for a more comfortable grip. The hose is a different design to stretch when needed.

$400.00 - $600.00