History of Vacuum Man

In 1937, my father wanted his independence when it came to work so he started out as a newspaper boy delivering 700 papers a week at 15 years of age. Sales was always my father's dream and owning his own business. The clipping on the side shows him riding his bicycle and building the first bike trailer in town for the job. The nice part about this job, is that he knew a lot of the customers before moving on to the next product that he was planning to sell.

In the early 1940's, he joined the Fuller Brush Company doing sales. Selling cleaning supplies and all kinds of brushes which he was very good at for the coming years before the vacuum cleaners. In the late 1940's, people of these parts were not familiar with the machine called the vacuum cleaner. Most of his customers were always asking my father what it was. The clip to the right shows a billboard which was about the only one in our town with an advertisement on Fuller Brushes that my father had placed.

So in the early 1950's, he joined the Electrolux Company and started selling vacuum cleaners and rug washers. The rug washer approach let him into many houses selling the machines as well as vacuum cleaners. He felt as though this was the best he had ever done for work. The newspaper advertisement on the right shows how much could be made in a week if he worked hard enough through Electrolux in 1958. Ever since then, he has worked for them, he broke all kinds of record sales in Rhode Island.

As of 1961, he was still breaking sales records for the northeastern half of the United States through Electrolux earning him still as much as a $1000 a week! He doubled his sales still selling a rug washer as well as a vacuum cleaner in every house he went into. He has won many trips to conventions as well as dozens and dozens of beautiful prizes for his outstanding sales.

In 1974, he was awarded the world's most finest Electrolux salesman award at Radio City in New York and earned himself an outstanding yearly earning of all time. At this point in time, he had encounted record sales for his area and continued to do very well for himself through the 1970's until I graduated in 1981 and took it over.

Just before he retired in 1981, he became one of the hall of fame winners as you can see in the picture on the right and was put into the Electrolux archives for one of the men / women who has sold the most machines in their time period. He has done very well for himself. This particular achievement was in a national magazine.

From the begining of 1982, my father basically taught me how to run and maintain the business, as well as keep the customers happy in service and sales. But also look towards the future in getting different ideas to sell and service different things. After a few years I was on my own. Unfortunetly, I don't have any pictures of me in sales drives and servicing. I do know that in 1984, april sales drive through Electrolux, they introduced the model "Silverado" which I sold 150 machines in that month and 100 in October of that year which really got me going. After that, I branched out into different machines. What I have been dealing with now are people wanting the older style metal canister body Electrolux vacuums back rebuilt. They are the only machines that outlast all the others.