Commercial  Machines

ProCare  Vacuum

This commercial upright has two motors which one drives the brush with a geared belt in it's own compartment and the other motor handles the suction. The dirt is carried up a chamber and carried around into the bag. The vacuum motor is underneath the bag so no dirt goes through the motor. It is also made for floors as well for rugs with a switch. The cord is 50' long and heavy duty. The top has a bag gauge to let you know when it's full. The vacuum underneath this one has the attachments connected to the machine. This vacuum has attachments available which plug into the top.


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Reconditioned Electrolux Vacuum

This is the best upright vacuum cleaner that I have ever seen since I started doing vacuum cleaners. This design has been out since 1982 and has a very well made body. This machine was an excellent design of separating 2 bodies of different capabilities and won by it. The bottom base gets it's power from a small motor to drive the brush and allows the debris into it's own chamber so it does not wear any parts that are in the way. The suction power from the upper half of the body contains a vacuum suction motor which brings the debris up and over into a paper bag which is easily taken out and thrown away. The bottom half also has a geared belt which is like a bicycle chain and it's own compartment as well.This vacuum also shuts off the brush from revolving so you can do the floors also. If anything gets stuck in the revolving brush, it will automatically shut off to a reset switch so you don't damage the system. The vacuum cleaner is in very well known restaurants around Rhode Island and has been for sometime which I service to this day. Attachments are available.

$200.00 - $500.00

Hoover Portapower

This is the Hoover Portapower canister. It is used in place of a large canister for those hard to get places that an upright can't. It comes with wands, tools, carrying strap, cloth bag, and a flexible hose. Great for cars, stairs, and under desks.


BackPack Vacuum

This backpack is very lightweight for use and is made out of a very durable plastic. The top of the machine holds the bag which is dacron, like cloth so it can be emptied. It has plenty of suction and comes with all the necessary attachments. If you don't like using the cloth bag, you can use paper as well


Shop Vac Contractor

This Vac has a 10 gallon stainless steel container. Comes with a hose and tools, snap together chrome wands, 14" aluminum nozzle w/ brush, & squeegee. It uses a foam filter cartridge which can be cleaned easily. This wet-dry shop vac is the most popular machine, it will outlast less expensive models you would find in stores.


Dry wall Vac - Shop Vac

This machine is good for plaster dust and any type of fine powdery substance which tends to clog up the pores in ordinary shop vacs. The machine is designed with two filters and is also capable of picking up water. Container is made of a good quality fiber and has a drain hole on the bottom.