Central  Vacuum  Systems

Electrolux Central Vacuum System

This central is equipped with a 6 gallon collection canister that you empty twice a year and the cartridge stops most of the dirt and debris from escaping the unit. Comes with the best attachments of all others sold and comes with a side kick for stairs, automobiles, and furniture. The hose comes 35' which if properly installed will clean up to a 7000 square foot house. Other attachments come with the system like the rug and floor brush combo, crevice tool, dusting furniture tool combo. Hose handle has easy switch capabilities of turning on and off the power nozzle for carpet or floor. It also turns on and off the unit and there is suction control for delicate fabrics or drapes. The vacuum motor is 12.0 amps at 120 volts, 60 Hz AC. Call for more details on this machine or any others.

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Powerlux Pack

This Central vacuum system I've put together is a great combo for the less expensive way out with good quality equiptment. The hose and power nozzle kit is one of the best on the market I think due to it's durability from it's original patend from the old Electrolux company. It should give you good suction for houses up to 3500 - 4000 square feet. Three to four inlets are sufficiant enough for this system.

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Attachments for all units

Standard Central Vacuum Tools $129.99

  • Comes with up to a 50' crushproof hose
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Power Central Vacuum Tools $349.99

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