Reconditioned Electrolux Canister Vacuums

This vacuum is the most ultimate and powerful canister I have ever seen. It came out in the early 90's and was called the Renaissance. Then it went to the Guardian, then the 9000, and now it is called the Guardian Encore. Almost 0% dirt comes out of it. All of the controls are on the handle and is very easy to use. It also comes with a floor tool, dust brush, crevice tool, and upholstery tool. It is also equipped with a true hepa filter. The power cord is 30' long and the motor is variable speed for light use like on scatter carpets. The machine is fully automatic and will shut down when the bag is full. The power nozzle is also made to do floors as well.

$800.00 - $1300.00

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This machine is almost the same but has the controls and attachments on top of the canister. It has an after filter rather than a hepa filter and is only one speed. The attachments are the same and the hose has only a switch on it which turns off the power nozzle so you can use it on the floor or the carpet. Still a great investment and works wonderful compared to any thing out there. The machine stops when the bag is full and it will shut down automatically if it gets clogged.

$600.00 - $900.00

The Electrolux Epic 6500 was sold between 1992 and 1995. They had others that looked similar but were not automatic stopping when the bag was full. This machine is the same as the new one called the legacy or the 7000 and is only sold at an Electrolux dealer for over $1000.00. They changed the body from being metal to a lexan fiber which is less in weight. It basically is the same design as all the others in the past but this one will hold the tools on top and has an after filter which is underneath the carrier to catch any debris that gets by the bags. They also came out with a lighted power nozzle later.

$600.00 - $700.00

Rebuilt Metal Electrolux Canisters

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The Electrolux Marquise was sold between 1988 and 1991. It had a pretty mauve color to it and the power nozzle was the "L" shape to go around table and chairs legs. The nozzle was also made for the floors. The motor was redesigned with a lighter weight but kept the same suction as the others produced from the super J on. The power nozzle was different giving the base larger edge and corner cleaners. This machine is an automatic cleaner which stops and opens the bag door when the filter bag became full. It also has a cord winder.

$400.00 - $600.00

The Diamond Jubilee was sold between 1986-1988 and was a different design than the others. It was a smaller motor but produce the same suction as the super J on. They had made a faster spinning motor but cut the weight down. They had changed the rocker switch to a push button. The power nozzle was designed to be used on the floors as well as the carpets. The color was a cream and they also made the vents, which let the air out on top of the machine larger. Machine also is automatic and has a cord winder.

$400.00 - $500.00

The Silverado was sold between 1982-1985 and the most sold machine in our area. It was the same as the others from the super J on but was the better design from the Olympia on. It had come with larger wheels, the sleds underneath the machine were thicker, and the power nozzle elbow was also larger with an improved metal bottom plate. The motor was the same as the super J on. In 1985 they came out with a different power nozzle that had an "L" shape and they also redesigned the motor, which was later used in the Diamond Jubilee. Machine also is automatic and has a cord winder.

$400.00 - $500.00

The Olympia was an upgrade from the Super J. It was sold between 1978-1982 and was practically the same machine but later added an extra handle for better carrying. It was named after the Olympics in 1980 and was painted with a metallic brown, which was nice. Machine also is automatic and has a cord winder.

$400.00 - $500.00

The Super J model was a newly designed machine back in the day. It sold between 1975-1978. They first were produced calling it the Golden Jubilee celebrating their 50 years in business and had the same motor as the 1205. It was changed right away with a much more larger motor and a better power nozzle. This motor stayed with the Electrolux Vacuum for many years and was very dependable like all the others before.

$400.00 - $500.00

The 1205 were a breakthrough with electrolux. They sold between 1968-1975 and was a completely changed design of the Electrolux vacuum turning it from a round bullet shape to a lower profile machine with better maneuverability. It had a good motor and was a very dependable machine. Machine also is automatic and had a cord winder.

$300.00 - $400.00

The Model L is like the S but has a cordwinder ring for the power cord and required an extension cord which can be unplugged for weight consuption. It also came with a smaller motor which had smaller fans but used a little more power to keep the same suction. It also has larger wheels and 1 clip for the bag door. Excellent small machine and has the same purpose as the previous model S. The only other great feature was an external plug for a beater brush or power nozzle as the were called. They either attached a cord to the hose or an electric hose which had a pigtail to plug the hose in that brings the power to the handle for the power nozzle.

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The Model S machine was a great small lightweight vacuum great for quick jobs and less storage. It had large fans, small wheels, and 2 clips which held the bag in. It did not have a ring in the rear to wind the cord saving on the weight, but still was very good on suction and will work great on bare floors, small carpets, cellars and garages.

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New Metal Canisters

This is a new canister that looks like the original Electolux vacuums that were built in the 90's and are very well made. The power head and the the tools are the best in the business. When I saw this available, I was impressed and happy that I can offer a good vacuum to the public that I know is well built! If you click on the picture, it will explain all the key features about the machine. The other good advantage, is that we will offer an up to $300.00 trade in value off the price to help pay for it. If it's a canister vacuum you like with an electric power nozzle, this is the one to get.


Will deduct up to $300.00 for trade-ins